Top 10 Clubs With Highest Expenditure This Summer

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Here we show you about the top 10 clubs with highest expenditure this summer

Every big European club has added at least one player to their squad. However, this transfer window has not been as wild as the previous one in which unexpected signings and departures were seen.

This article will tell you about the top 10 clubs that have spent the most this summer.

Highest Expenditure

  1. Barcelona – €153m
  2. Bayern Munich – €138m
  3. Arsenal – €132m
  4. Manchester City – €109m
  5. Leeds United – €109m
  6. Tottenham Hotspur – €102m
  7. Nottingham – €95m
  8. Chelsea – €94m
  9. PSG – €92m
  10. West Ham United – €91m

Barcelona has spent a total of €153 million this summer, including the biggest transfer of this season – Robert Lewandowski. They have completed the best transfers deals till now and they have recently signed Jules Kounde for €50 million.

Bayern Munich’s best arrival is Sadio Mane who joined them as a free transfer. They have also signed Matthijs De Ligt from Juventus and there’s no doubt that his presence on the field will be a great help for the German club.

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Arsenal really did cook in this pre-season and Gabriel Jesus has been the biggest reason for this. Jesus’ national teammate Marquinhos has also joined the Premier League side, meaning that they will have the support of a world class defender this season.

Manchester City has signed Erling Haaland, Julian Alvarez, Kalvin Philips, and Stefan Ortega in just one transfer window. Haaland scored his first goal in blue t-shirt against Bayern Munich in a pre-season friendly.