Top 10 Greatest Defenders In La Liga History

Top 10 Greatest Defenders In La Liga History

Here the top 10 greatest defenders in La Liga history

La Liga have witnessed many great defenders with extraordinary defending technique and skills. Most of these defenders played for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

This article will you about the top 10 greatest defenders in La Liga history. Can you guess who had the the fastest pace of these defenders?

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Greatest Defenders In La Liga

  1. Carles Puyol – Puyol was a versatile player with experience playing on both sides. He could play as a right-back, defensive midfielder, and even goalkeeper and striker.
  2. Sergio Ramos – Ramos is one of the greatest defenders of all time. He is probably the most best defender ever in terms of strength.
  3. Fernando Hierro – Hierro had the ability to play as a central defender, defensive midfielder and sometimes defensive midfielder. His defending techniques makes him one of the best players in the world.
  4. Roberto Carlos – Carlos has been described as the most fearless left-back in the football history. His incredible speed was measured at more than 105 mph.
  5. Marcelo – The Brazilian have an explosive speed with energy and clever movements. He practically plays as an extra attacker during the counter-attack.
  6. Gerard Pique – Pique’s style of play is very similar to the German legend, Franz Beckenbauer. He is also capable of playing as a defensive midfielder.
  7. Ronald Koeman – Koeman was a master of free kicks and penalties. He is the best penalty-scoring defender in La Liga history.
  8. Diego Godin – Godin was known for his his extraordinary jumps, allowing him to score bullet headers. He was also strong in one-on-one situations because his defensive technique.
  9. Eric Abidal – Abidal was a tactically smart and versatile defender who was able to play in midfield or left defense.
  10. Pepe – The greatest defender in Portugal history, Pepe was hell of a ‘badass’ person. He was probably the most short-tempered player in La Liga history.

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