Top 10 Greatest Midfielders In La Liga History

Top 10 Greatest Midfielders In La Liga History
Top 10 Greatest Midfielders In La Liga History

Here are the top 10 greatest midfielders in La Liga history

La Liga have some great defensive midfielders in its history. However, some of them were absolute class and some didn’t get the attention they deserve.

This article will tell you about the 10 greatest defensive midfielders in La Liga history. Can you guess where Luka Modric has been placed on this list?

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Greatest Midfielders In La Liga

  1. Xavi – Xavi is the first player in the Barcelona’s history to play 150 European and FIFA Club World Cup matches combined.
  2. Andres Iniesta – Iniesta is an agile and versatile footballer. His ability to read the game, vision, balance, dribbling techniques, ball control, and more, are is on different level.
  3. Zinedine Zidane – Zidane possessed an exceptional first touch and was also known for his dribbling skills, use of feints, elegance on the ball, and creativity.
  4. Luis Suárez Miramontes – Suarez is the only Spanish-born player to win the Ballon d’Or. He is known for his perceptive passing and explosive shot, and his elegant, fluid, graceful playing style.
  5. José Martínez Sánchez – Sanzhez was positioned as a central midfielder in the early part of his career, but he finished up as a sweeper.
  6. Luis Figo – Figo is praised for his creativity and ability to get past defenders as a winger. He was a quick, elegant, highly skillful player who could frequently take on and beat defenders in one on one situations.
  7. Luka Modric – Under Carlo Ancelotti, Modric went on becoming one of the best Real Madrid players ever.
  8. Josep Samitier – With 184 official goals for Barcelona, Samitier is the fifth-highest goal scorer in the history of the club. 
  9. Michael Laudrup – Laudrup is known for his pace on the ball. He is regarded as one of the most effective and versatile attacking midfielders.
  10. Juan Carlos Valerón – Valeron was known for his vision and technical abilities, especially his passing skills and ball control, but was also injury-prone and inconsistent.