Why Maradona’s lawyer is furious following the legend’s death

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Diego Maradona

Maradona’s layer was furious over the Argentine legend’s death because of the following reason

All of Argentina is crying after Diego Maradona‘s death. But his lawyer Matias Morla is very angry. “It’s inexplicable that, for 24 hours, my friend didn’t have the attention or a check up from one of the heath personnel who were dedicated to look after him”, Morla said to the media. “The ambulance took half an hour to arrive, which was criminal stupidity”, he added.

According to him, help arrived too late to save Maradona. The last person to see Maradona alive may have been his nephew. 12 hours before “Pibe de Oro” died, medical staff lacked vigilance in his eyes. “This fact can’t be overlooked and I’m going to ask that an enquiry is carried out to the fullest extent”, Morla told. “As Diego once said to me: ‘You’re a soldier, act ruthlessly’.

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His lawyer is ready to do anything to get a punishment because he believes the medical response was lazy. Diego’s had a very fragile state of death. He’d even been quarantined since march!

Diego Maradona used to wear this brand of shoes, the company was also sad on his death!

There was another scandal about Diego’s health. In his last public photo at the hospital, He posed with his surgeon with a bandage on his head. This photo may have infuriated parts of Diego’s family, forcing the surgeon for a public apology. He was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 2nd for anaemia and dehydration. But they discovered a haematoma on his brain. Operated on, his surgeon said it was a complete success.

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Diego Maradona used to wear this brand of shoes, the company was also sad on his death!

Once again the fans celebrated in front of the clinic! They wanted to be festive for his death too. He still had to stay at the hospital following the operation. “He had moments of confusion linked to abstinence which required several days worth of treatment”, Maradona’s personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque said. An addiction to alcohol required intensive care.

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He returned home on Nov. 12th and died on Nov. 25th. The entire world immediately paid tribute to him. In Argentina, people even tracked his body being transported. Argentinians went to say goodbye at Casa Rosada. In Naples, his former club S.S.C Napoli and his fans also paid tribute to him.