Top 10 greatest female footballers of all time

Top 10 greatest female footballers of all time
Top 10 greatest female footballers of all time

These are the top 10 greatest female footballers of all time

We have seen many male greats in our lives. From Pele-Maradona to Ronaldo-Messi, we all grew up. Watching the two GOATs play still at this time is a blessing to our eyes.

We have earlier talked about the top 10 greatest male footballer players of all time. Now it’s time to empower women and see their all time greats.

Top 10 greatest female footballers of all time:

1. Marta (Brazil) – Marta Vieira da Silva is still in the process of forging hers as the planet’s most talented player.

2. Mia Hamm (USA) – Mia Hamm has a world record of 158 international goals! That’s almost 50 goals more than Cristiano Ronaldo in his international career.

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3. Michelle Akers (USA) – Akers defined not one, but two, positions in women’s soccer. In her younger days, Akers was a lethal striker.

4. Birgit Prinz (Germany) – Prinz was a difficult player to mark because she knew when to shoot, and she combined a physical presence with impressive pace.

5. Sun Wen (China) – Sun certainly didn’t disappoint, connecting 106 times (goals) in 152 international matches.

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6. Abby Wambach (USA) – Wambach became the spokesperson for the team, putting situations, controversies and challenges into proper context with her team-mates and the media.

7. Homare Sawa (Japan) – Sawa, who was equally effective creating or scoring goals due to her superior skills and vision, finally earned her just desserts as one of the world’s greats when Japan captured their first Women’s World Cup crown in 2011.

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8. Kelly Smith (England) – A striker who wasn’t afraid to set up her team-mates, Smith made headlines with Seton Hall University in New Jersey, which wasn’t known for its women’s soccer until the 1990s.

9. Christine Sinclair (Canada) – When she is at the top of her game, Sinclair can be devastating, playing like a midfielder, bringing the ball forward towards the opposition goal.

10. Nadine Angerer (Germany) – More than a goalkeeper, she was a leader too. We was one of the reason of Germany’s rise over the past few years.