Top 10 Longest Goals In Football History

By Raghu
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Top 10 Longest Goals In Football History

Here are the top 10 longest football goals of all time

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How many of you saw the goal scored by Patrick Schick in UEFA Euro 2020? It was awarded as the ‘Goal Of The Tournament’ and is arguably one of the best goals in football history.

This article will tell you about the top 10 longest goals in football history. Can you guess which British player scored one of the longest goals ever?

Longest Goals (est-estimated)

  1. Thomas King: est 105-110 yards
  2. Koo Sang-min: est 105-110 yards
  3. Asmir Begovic: est 100-105 yards
  4. Matias Dituro: est 95-100 yards
  5. Tim Howard: est 95-100 yards
  6. Andy Lonergan: est 95-100 yards
  7. Mohd Syamsuri Mustafa: est 95-100 yards
  8. Jasurbek Umurzakov: est 95-100 yards
  9. Michael Petkovic: est 95-100 yards
  10. David Bingham: est 90-95 yards

In 2019, Thomas King, simply known as Tom King, scored the longest goal in football history. He hit the ball long enough from the goal kick to score the unbelievable against Cheltenham Town.

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Then comes the South Korean footballer Koo Sang-Min who lagged just a few meters to Tom in his shot. He kicked the ball from an estimation of between 105-110 yards to found the opponent’s net.

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