UEFA Nations League 2022-23 – All Things You Need To Know

UEFA Nations League
UEFA Nations League

Here are all the things you need to know about 2022/23 UEFA Nations League

As the name suggests, the UEFA Nations League is a league competition for UEFA’s 55 members. In 2023, qualifying for Euro 2024 will take up the dates, meaning only countries in groups of five teams, who have two spare matchdays, will play friendlies.

There are four leagues each containing four groups (except 4th one which has two groups). So basically, the 55 national teams are divided into four “Leagues.”  The strongest teams are potted in League A, and the weakest in League D.

Leagues A, B and C: Four groups of four nations (16 teams each)
League D: One group of four and one group of three (7)

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Teams within each group will play each other home and away.


League A

Group A1: France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria
Group A2: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic
Group A3: Italy, Germany, England, Hungary
Group A4: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales

League B

Group B1: Ukraine, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Armenia
Group B2: Iceland, Russia*, Israel, Albania
Group B3: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, Montenegro
Group B4: Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia

League C

Group C1: Turkey, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe Islands
Group C2: Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus
Group C3: Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
Group C4: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar

League D

Group D1: Liechtenstein, Moldova, Andorra, Latvia
Group D2: Malta, Estonia, San Marino

After the invasion of Ukraine made by Russia, the Russian national team will not be the part of the Nations League.

Group Fixtures

Matchday 1&2: June 1-8, 2022
Matchday 3&4: June 9-14, 2022
Matchday 5&6: Sept. 22-27, 2022

Tournament Criteria

The winners of four group from League A will play off in knockout format. The semifinals will be held on June 14 and 15, 2023 and the final on June 18.

The four countries from Group A4 – Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Wales are supposed to host the finals. According to the competition, the hosts will be the winners of the group as they will be taking part. However, they will be appointed in January 2023.

The finalists will be drawn into a group of five nations in Euro 2024.

Tournament Funding

Each league will be given different funds which is as follows:

League A: €2.25m
League B: €1.5m
League C: €1.125m
League D: €750,000

The winners of the League will get a double payment and the League A finalists also have a prize pool. Let us tell you that 2019 champions Portugal took home a total of €10.5m, Netherlands €9m, England €8m and Switzerland €7m.