Who Is Christian Eriksen’s Wife? See Pictures

Christian Eriksen girlfriend Sabrina Kvist Jensen
Christian Eriksen girlfriend Sabrina Kvist Jensen

This article will tell you about the relationship between Christian Eriksen and his wife

Christian Eriksen is a professional football player from Denmark who currently plays as a midfielder for Manchester United in England.

Eriksen is a former player of Tottenham Hotspur and is known for his impressive skills and technical abilities on the field. And for his personal life, he is married to Sabrina Kvist Jensen.

Sabrina’s Qualifications

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is a Danish national who was born on September 4, 1988, in Denmark. She is a former student of the University of Copenhagen, where she studied medicine.

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Sabrina and Christian first met when they were in school, and they started dating soon after. They have been together for over ten years, and they got married in June 2019 in a beautiful ceremony in Sorrento, Italy.

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A Supportive Wife

Sabrina has always been a big supporter of her husband’s football career. Jensen attends many of his games and is often seen cheering him on from the stands. She also travels with him for his matches and tournaments. Sabrina has a close relationship with Christian’s family and often spends time with them.

The untold story of Christian Eriksen
The untold story of Christian Eriksen

In addition to being a supportive wife, Sabrina is also a devoted mother to the couple’s two children, a son named Alfred and a daughter named Agnes. The family lives a private life and does not share much about their personal lives on social media or in the media.

What Does Sabrina Do?

Sabrina is also a well-educated person and has a successful career as a doctor. She has worked in various hospitals and clinics in Denmark, and she is currently a doctor at the Rigshospitalet, which is the largest hospital in Denmark. She is a hardworking and dedicated person who takes her profession very seriously.

2021 Euro Incident

In June 2021, Christian Eriksen collapsed during a match against Finland in the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Sabrina was in the stands when it happened, and she was seen rushing onto the field to be with her husband.

Christian Eriksen
Christian Eriksen

She has been praised for her calm and composed reaction during the incident, and for the support she provided to Christian and their family during the difficult time.

In conclusion, Sabrina Kvist Jensen is a supportive wife, a loving mother, and a successful doctor. She is a private person who values her family and her career, and she has always been a constant source of support and strength for her husband Christian Eriksen.