Who is Liv Morgan? Boyfriend & career highlights

In this article, we will learn about WWE superstar Liv Morgan's career highlights and her relationship status.

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Liv Morgan

Gionna Daddio is an American professional wrestler, better known by her stage name Liv Morgan. She joined the WWE in 2014 and has won one championship there.

Liv has won Women’s Money in the Bank, Women’s Tag Team, and SmackDown Women’s Championships on three separate occasions.

Liv Morgan ought to be at the top of everyone’s list of women’s wrestlers to watch since she has the potential to head the WWE’s women’s division in the future. After joining The Riott Squad to make her main roster debut, Morgan went off on her own.

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Morgan is accumulating more admirers as her fame rises. Like any other WWE celebrity, fans are interested in learning little-known facts about their favourite wrestlers.

Career Highlights

Before they settle on a nickname that works, most wrestlers try a few different ones, and Liv Morgan is no exception. In November 2015, Morgan made her professional wrestling debut as “Marley.”

Since she was really a jobber meant to win Eva Marie over, the match was not particularly noteworthy.

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She made a comeback to television on the December 2, 2015, episode of NXT, assuming the moniker Liv Morgan, which has lasted ever since.

Many wrestlers who succeed in the major leagues acknowledge that they came from difficult backgrounds and that hardship eventually brought them to the squared circle.

Five siblings and their single mother raised Morgan during their upbringing. Morgan stated that her family couldn’t afford TV because money was often tight in their home. There were also times when Morgan had a terrible time finding new clothes for herself.

Making her debut as Liv Morgan did not result in a turnaround in luck. Morgan was utilized as an enhancement talent for a very long period, surpassing other wrestlers that WWE thought would be more beneficial to the organization.

Although Morgan had signed a contract with WWE in 2014, it took her until the summer of 2016 to defeat Aliyah in a singles match to earn her first victory with the organization. A week later, she would defeat Rachel Fazio before Asuka destroyed her in less than a minute.

Liv Morgan is an ordained preacher, though it’s not entirely apparent why she made this decision. Back in 2016, she shared the news on her Instagram account. Since these credentials never truly expire, it is reasonable to presume that she is still an ordained minister.

This is all a bit ironic, given that Morgan made a long-awaited comeback to television to ruin Bobby Lashley and Lana’s wedding in a plot that most people would prefer to forget ever happened.

What does Liv Morgan used to do?

Prior to being well-known in the wrestling business, Morgan had a regular job. Before getting seen by a WWE talent scout, the New Jersey native worked as a waiter at Hooters.

Wrestling fans were unaware of this information until old pictures from Morgan’s waitressing days started to appear. Attention was drawn to a number of selfies that Morgan took while wearing her orange and white Hooters attire. Since her days as a Hooters waitress, Morgan has gone a long way.

Who is Liv Morgan’s Boyfriend ?

Liv Morgan was romantically involved with another WWE star long before she started dating Bo Dallas. Although Morgan and Enzo Amore started dating while they were in NXT, they broke up in 2017.

Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas
Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas

Regarding the cause of their breakup, Morgan hinted on social media that her former partner had been unfaithful. It seems the two did not get along when they parted. In his rap tracks, Amore has made fun of Morgan. Morgan, meantime, decides to disregard her ex’s pranks.

Recently on Open Thoughts podcast, Liv Morgan shared details of her dating experiences.

Given that she was most recently dating Bo Dallas, many of her fans would be surprised to learn that she is unmarried at this time. However, since the beginning of their relationship, things have changed.

“I feel like also it’s like, ‘What are your priorities?’ Right now, my priorities are not to date it’s to be the best that I can be and I know that I’m a little bit selfish with my time right now. Like, I don’t really want to give you my time and takeway from me trying to be great.”

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