Top 10 Highest Earning UFC Fighters In 2021

Highest Earning UFC Fighters
Highest Earning UFC Fighters

Here are the top 10 highest earning UFC players in 2021

Being one of the highest money making source, UFC is one of the most popular sport around the world.

This article will tell you about the top 10 highest paid UFC fighters in 2021. Can you guess who is the highest paid athlete in the world right how?

Highest Earning UFC Players

  1. Conor McGregor – $20m
  2. Khabib Nurmagomedov – $14.7m
  3. Alistair Overeem – $10.2m
  4. Andrei Arlovski – $9.8m
  5. Anderson Silva – $8.7m
  6. Jon Jones – $7.2m
  7. Michael Bisping – $7m
  8. Junior dos Santos – $7m
  9. Georges St-Pierre – $7m
  10. Donald Cerrone – $7m

Conor McGregor is the highest paid UFC fighter at present. He is also the highest earning athlete in the world, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

He earned about $50 million from his fight against Khabib and another $80 million against Donald Cerrone.

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Khabib earned almost $2.5m against Conor McGregor and more than $6m against Dustin Poirier. Moreover, he won more than $5m against Justin Gaethje.

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