Breakout of Virat Kohli’s test runs against different opponents

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Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a modern-day great, there are no other all-format batsmen like him in modern-day cricket. Virat will miss the complete series against England due to some personal reasons. Fans are criticizing him for his decision. Virat Kohli gave all his life to his team and today these fans are targeting him for his decision of family first. In this article we will try to tell what Virat did for his country by breaking out his test runs against different opponents.

  1. Australia – Virat Kohli made most of his test runs against Australia. In total, he made 2042 test runs against Australia. His highest individual test score against Australia is 186.
  2. England – England is the second team against whom Virat scored the second-highest test runs i.e. 1991. His highest individual test score against England is 235.
  3. South Africa – Virat has always dominated against big teams. In the top three opponents, we got Australia, England, and South Africa. He made 1408 runs against South Africa with the highest score of 254*.
  4. Sri Lanka – next came Sri Lanka against whom Virat made 1085 runs with the highest individual test score of 243.
  5. West Indies – the fifth team against whom Virat scored highest in tests is West Indies. Virat made 1019 runs with the highest individual test score of 200 against West Indies in tests.
  6. New Zealand – Virat made only 866 runs against New Zealand in his test career because he played much less against the Kiwis. His best individual score against New Zealand is 211.
  7. Bangladesh – Virat played very little test cricket against Bangladesh. He made only 437 test runs against Bangladesh with the highest individual score of 204 runs.
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