Past performers for India in T20 World Cup final

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India and South Africa are all set to play against each other in the finals of the 2024 T20 World Cup. It will be India’s third T20 World Cup final and they will look forward to giving their best. Both teams are desperate to win the ICC trophy. In this article, we will tell you who were the past performers for team India in previous T20 World Cup finals.

India played their first T20 World Cup final in 2007. It was the first edition of the T20 World Cups. India batted first in that match and it was Indian left-handed opening batsman, Gautam Gambhir who played one of the most important innings for India in that match. Gautam Gambhir has always been very important for India in the ICC finals. In 2007 India played against arch-rivals, Pakistan in the finals. It was a pressure game in which Gambhir made 75 off 54 balls against Pakistan. It was because of his innings; that India won that final.

The second final of team India came in 2014 against Sri Lanka in Bangladesh. It was team India’s second T20 World Cup final. This time it was legendary Indian batsman, Virat Kohli who played one of the most important innings of his career but unfortunately, his effort went into vain as India lost that final and World Cup. Virat made 77 off 58 balls against Sri Lanka on a tough pitch.

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Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

It will be interesting to see who will come up for India this time. Indian fans will pray for another such innings from Virat Kohli like he did ten years back. An exciting final is waiting for cricket fans and it will be interesting to see which team will end their trophy drought.

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