Top 5 highest run scorers for India in T20 World Cup

rohit sharma becomes first Indian to hit 400 international sixes
Rohit Sharma

T20 world cup is now on the doorstep and India who are ranked the No.1 T20I team will go as favourites for many fans. In this article, we will see the top 5 highest run scorers for India in the T20I world cup.

#5 Gautam Gambhir

Former Indian left-handed opening batsman, Gautam Gambhir is at No.5 on our list. Gambhir was a very fine batsman in his playing days. He has played some of the most crucial knocks for India in very difficult situations. Gambhir scored 524 runs in T20 World Cups.

#4 MS Dhoni

Captain cool and the only Indian captain to lift the T20 world cup, MS Dhoni is at No.4 on our list. He is only 5 runs ahead of Gambhir. Dhoni scored 529 runs in T20 World Cups. Dhoni won the first T20 world cup in 2007 and since then India is searching for their second T20 title.

#3 Yuvraj Singh

Former Indian left-handed middle-order explosive batsman, Yuvraj Singh was once India’s most successful player in T20 World Cups. Yuvraj smashed 6 sixes against Stuart Broad in the T20 World Cup match of 2007. Yuvraj scored 593 runs in T20 World Cups which makes him the third-highest among Indian players.

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#2 Virat Kohli

Former Indian captain and two-time man of the tournament winner in the T20 World Cup, Virat Kohli is one of the most successful and decorated players in the T20 World Cup’s history. Virat scored 845 runs in T20 World Cups which makes him the second-highest among Indian batters.

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#1 Rohit Sharma

Indian captain Rohit Sharma is only 2 runs ahead of Virat in this stat. Rohit has 847 runs in T20 World Cups so far. Rohit is among only two players who played all the editions of the T20 world cup. The Indian skipper has unbelievable stats in T20Is. He is the highest in number of sixes, the highest in centuries in T20Is. He will play a very important part as captain and player in the upcoming T20 world cup.