Nico Rosberg vs Lando Norris – Stats You Need To Know

Nico Rosberg vs Lando Norris
Nico Rosberg vs Lando Norris

Here are the stats you need to know between Nico Rosberg and Lando Norris

Nico Rosberg and Lando Norris are two of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. They have been at the top of the game since their debut, but you can’t deny the fact that Lewis Hamilton has a greater impact.

This article will tell you about the the stats you need to know between Nico Rosberg and Lando Norris. Can you guess who won the 2010 F1 World Championship?

Schumacher vs Rosberg

Nico RosbergStatsLando Norris
206Total GPs60
20Fastest Laps3
1Times Champion0
1Best GP Position2

On 5 June 2011, Nico Rosberg received the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy. The trophy honours a receiver “for their dedication to motor racing, spirit of competition and achievements”.

Because of his seven fastest recorded laps (most during the 2016 season), Rosberg won the DHL Fastest Lap Award. .

In a recent incident, Lewis Hamilton said that Valtteri Bottas is his favourite driving partner. He posted about this on his Twitter account which made Nico Rosberg feel bad.

When asked about his friendship with Hamilton, Rosberg said something unusual that he might not wanted to say but still spoke about.

“No I do feel that as disrespect, I mean what did I do wrong?

“In the Constructors’ Championship yes absolutely, five years, it created a very good atmosphere, a very healthy atmosphere within the team. Which was different to my time.

“And that has given it a very good strength, so Mercedes is Constructors’ Champion, Valtteri did much better than [Sergio] Perez [Red Bull], so he deserves credit.”

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Answer to the question above – Sebastian Vettel