Sebastian Vettel vs Lando Norris – All Stats You Need To Know

Sebastian Vettel vs Lando Norris

Here are the stats you need to know between Lando Norris and Sebastian Vettel

Lando Norris and Sebastian Vettel are two of the best Formula One drivers of all time. They have been at the top of the game since their debut, but you can’t deny the fact that Lewis Hamilton has a greater impact.

This article will tell you about the the stats you need to know between Lando Norris and Sebastian Vettel. Can you guess who won the 2007 F1 World Championship?

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Vettel vs Norris

Sebastian VettelStatsLando Norris
60Total GPs60
2Fastest Laps3
0Times Champion0
1Best GP Position2

Sebastian Vettel is far older than the British driver, not to mention a lot more experience than the same. He holds a number of records to his name and some of them are listed below:

  1. Most wins in a season – 13
  2. Most pole positions in a season – 15
  3. Most laps led in a season – 739
  4. Most consecutive wins – 9
  5. Most consecutive grand slams – 2

About a week ago, Norris spoke about his own mental health struggles, especially the days that hit him hard during his 2019 debut season.

“I think, first of all, I’m very happy to see more and more people speaking out about it. And realising it’s only going to benefit them and benefit others; I don’t think there’s any negatives, really, from doing so: it’s only going to help you get better and it’s only going to help if you have a big following, if you have a lot of people watching or whatever it is, you’re only going to help people who are also struggling,” began Norris.

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“So first of all I’m very happy, I’m proud to be part of that group of people who have accepted it and are happy and confident to speak out about it. And I think one of the biggest things which allowed me or made me think it’s a very good thing to speak out about it is my fans, my followers.

“It’s basically when I would hint at it, for example the first few times, before I was speaking about it publicly, a few of them saying it’s helping them or the impact it had on them – and over time raising the impact I can have on those thousands of people is huge.”

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