Cristiano Ronaldo refused to swap jersey with this player

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Sports Desk – Cristiano Ronaldo refused to swap his jersey with Ferencvaros player Marcel Heister and Marcel answered the reason behind that.

Juventus defeat Ferencvaros by 2-1 in the second match against the team in yesterday’s UCL group stage match.

In the first match against Ferencvaros, Ronaldo refused to swap his jersey with the opponent’s team star Marcel Heister after the match was over. Marcel showed his opinions over it and said that Ronaldo didn’t swap jerseys because he failed to score against them. The match ended as 4-1 but Ronaldo didn’t score in the game.

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Marcel said that Ronaldo was pissed off because of the reason that he didn’t score. And refused to swap his jersey with him. It looks like Ronaldo is very serious about his goals and records.

The five-time Champions League winner has already broken many records in UCL. He is always serious about his performance on the pitch and when he fails to score or give his best, he gets frustrated.

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Juventus will face Barcelona on 8 December in their next UCL match. The first round was won by Barcelona by 2-0 in which Ronaldo didn’t play because of his positive COVID-19 report. But this time, we will witness the two GOATs playing against each other. Don’t miss the action as both will clash after a two years gap. The last time they faced each other was back in 2018 when Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid.