De Bruyne’s consistency is unreal at Man City

Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne’s consistency is unreal at Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne is currently the best mid-fielder in the world. His consistency at Manchester City is incredible and world class.

De Bruyne had suffered an injury a month ago but was able to comeback in a very short period of time. As soon as he came back on the pitch, he made a big impact on his club.

Ever Since De Bruyne has joined Man City, he is so consistent and not a single season is there in which he hasn’t score.

De Bruyne’s unreal stats for Man City:

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  • 15/16 – 33G/A
  • 16/17 – 30G/A
  • 17/18 – 34G/A
  • 18/19 – Injured for majority but 18G/A
  • 19/20 – 40G/A
  • 20/21 – 24G/A so far

Can you believe the genius of this guy? He isn’t the best player in the world he is the most complete player today alongside Leo Messi.

Creative, powerful, skillful, and dynamic, Mann City man can pass, shoot, dribble, tackle and cross – and all with either foot.

Fans have already started the rivalry between De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes. Bruno is excellent this season for Manchester United.

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Bruno is the second highest top scorer in the Premier League this season. Mohamed Salah is still the first with 17 goals so far.

However De Bruyne is still the assist king with 11 assists this season so far even after suffering an injury for over a month. Bruno is just behind him with 10 assists.

The rivalry is perfect but if we talk about the overall career performance, De Bruyne rules the game and is better than Bruno in all aspects.

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