Is There A Chance For The Premier League Title Playoffs?

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Premier League

There is a possibility of us witnessing a possible Premier League title playoffs this season

The Premier League title race has been super exhilarating since the start of the 2021/22 season. Manchester City and Liverpool are desperately fighting for their gory and we still don’t know yet who’s gonna lift the trophy at the end.

The PL handbook says that if ‘two teams’ finish level on point at the end of the season, the following factors will be taken into account:

  1. Goal Difference
  2. Goals Scored
  3. The highest points record in head-to-head matches between the teams and then which team scored the most goals away goals in those h2h meetings.

However, the third factor is in favor of both the teams – so it can’t be considered. Both the meetings between City and Liverpool have ended 2-2 this season, with no advantage in either points won or goals scored as the away team.

So for the first and second factor to come in favor of a possible playoffs:

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  1. Liverpool have to beat Southampton 0-6
  2. Manchester City have to lose against Aston Villa 0-1
  3. Liverpool have to draw 1-1 against Wolves

If this happens, then both City and Liverpool’s GD will be 71 and goals scored will be 96 each.

Now the Premier League rules states: If two clubs cannot be separated by operation of [the above factors] a neutral field playoff [shall be played] – whose format, time and place will be determined by the [league] meeting.

The field is set and fans are eagerly hoping for the playoffs to happen. This could be one of the best league seasons in football history.

By any chance if Liverpool wins the Premier League title, then they would have a great chance to win the quadruple this season. Let us remind you that they will face Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions final on 28th May.