La Liga title race is getting so intense and insane

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La Liga title race is getting so intense and insane

This season’s La Liga race is so intense and insane

Atletico Madrid is looking just good with 73 points, sitting on the top spot of the La Liga points table. The condition is so intense this season.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla are the only teams with possibilities of winning the title this season. Sevilla weren’t even considered in the race but La Liga have different ways of surprising us.

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Real Madrid is on the 2nd position with 71 points. Barca lost its last match 1-2 against Granada and is on 3rd position on the table. Sevilla is on 4th spot with only one point behind Barca (70).

These are the possibilities in La Liga:

  • Atletico Madrid – If ATM want to lift the trophy, they must win all of their upcoming matches. A tie looks good for them but RMA is just 2 points behind them and you know what I mean by that.
  • Real Madrid – If RMA manages to win their match against Osasuna, they will get to the top of the table. This will only happen if ATM loses its match against Elche.
  • Barcelona – Barca lost their last match 1-2 against Granada. For them to get to the first spot, both ATM and RMA’s defeat is mandatory. With both Madrid’s loss, Barca will get to the top if they manages to win their next game.
  • Sevilla – Sevilla is points behind ATM, they must win their match against Atletico Bilbao to replace ATM at the top.

Imagine Sevilla winning La Liga this season, scenes would be completely different. Most of the fans think that Barca are the top contender to lift the trophy but with Barca’s last loss, it looks difficult now.