Real Madrid staff member faces assault charges after Champions League final incident

Following an incident at the Champions League final last weekend, the Metropolitan Police have revealed that a member of Real Madrid's security personnel has been charged with common assault.

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Real Madrid

The Metropolitan Police made 56 arrests in total during the Wembley showcase event, most of which were related to efforts to break security, five of which were made as a result of people who managed to get onto the pitch.

Additionally, it has been reported that a Real Madrid employee was taken into custody following the team’s 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga on Saturday night.

The 52-year-old Madrid resident is accused of assaulting a steward following a confrontation while she was there to assist the club’s security operation for the championship.

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The Athletic claims that the fight started because stadium employees wouldn’t allow multiple Real Madrid player families to celebrate on the Wembley pitch.

The woman in question was taken into custody for many hours and then released while an inquiry was conducted.

The 52-year-old was officially charged with common assault on Monday. On Tuesday, June 18, she is scheduled to appear at the Willesden Magistrates’ Court.

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Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, has promised to assist with the security guard’s legal representation prior to her court appearance.

What does the Police statement say?

As previously reported, the Metropolitan Police made the following statement after making 56 arrests in the vicinity of the Champions League final at Wembley.

“We are confident that the overwhel­ming majority of attempts to unlawfully gain access to Wembley on Saturday evening were unsuccessful thanks to the efforts of officers, stewards and other stadium staff,” said a Met Police spokesperson.

“Officers made 56 arrests – five for pitch invasion and the ­majority for attempts to breach security. Major sporting events often attract attempts by those without tickets to bypass perimeter fencing or otherwise gain entry. There was a robust policing operation in place to support the Wembley security plan and officers worked closely with stewards and stadium staff to maintain security throughout.

“Videos shared online ­showing groups running into entrances do not necessarily ­represent successful attempts to enter the stadium. There are typically multiple further levels of security beyond an initial entrance.”

In addition, the FA issued a statement indicating that, in spite of the aforementioned instances, the security for the Champions League final last weekend was successful.

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“Before and during last night’s UEFA Champions League final there were several incidents of groups of ticketless individuals trying to enter the stadium,” they said.

“Our enhanced security operations ensured that these incidents were dealt with robustly and swiftly. These attempts to get into the stadium without tickets were not successful and the new outer perimeter system at Wembley worked.

“We would like to thank the police and stewards for their assistance in deterring the mindless actions of a small minority. The vast majority of fans who attended the game had a great experience in the stadium and in London.”

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