Top 10 Highest Goal-scoring Defenders In Football History

Top 10 Highest Goalscoring Defenders In Football History
Top 10 Highest Goalscoring Defenders In Football History

Here are the top 10 highest goalscoring defenders of all time

The new generation would never know how great the old defenders were. They used defend aggressively and had capability to score goals.

Franz Beckenbauer is on the 11th position after this list. He scored 112 goals in 857 career appearacnes.

Not everyone but we can give you the 10 highest goalscoring defenders in football history. Can you guess where Sergio Ramos stands in this list?

Highest goalscoring Defenders

  • Ronald Koeman – The Dutch legend scored 253 goals in 763 career appearances. He was a master at free-kicks and penalties.
Ronald Koeman
Ronald Koeman
  • Daniel Passarella – The Argentine scored 175 goals in 580 career appearances. He is regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time.
  • Fernando Hierro – The Spanish international scored 163 goals in 805 career appearances. He was a real threats to the opposition when it comes to set pieces.
  • Laurent Blanc – The French defender scored 153 goals in 805 career appearances. He was the one who scored the Golden Goal against Paraguay in the 1998 World Cup.
  • Graham Alexander – The Scottish legend scored 130 goals in 1021 career appearances. He is one of the oldest goalscorers in Premier League history back.
  • Sergio Ramos – Ramos has scored 127 goals in 910 career appearances till now. Did you remember his header against Atletico Madrid in 2014 in the UEFA Champions League? It was arguably one of the greatest headers in football history. He is also the highest goalscoring defender in La Liga history.
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos
  • Roberto Carlos – Arguably the best left-back of all time, Carlos scored 115 goals in 961 career appearances. No doubt, his free-kicks used to create fear among the opposition wall and goalkeeper.
  • Paul Breitner – The German defender scored 113 goals in 417 career appearances. He helped Germany win the 1974 World Cup and is one of four players to have ever scored in two World Cup finals.
  • Steve Bruce – One of the greatest Manchester United players, Bruce scored 113 goals in 926 career appearances. You won’t believe but he scored 19 goals in 1990/91 season.

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