Top 5 Most Horrible Injuries In Football History

Top 5 Most Horrible Injuries In Football History
Top 5 Most Horrible Injuries In Football History

Here are the top 5 most horrible injuries in football history

Injuries have always been a great threat to athletes, not only in football, but in all the strength related sports. Sometimes, some players have to retire from their career due to horrible injuries.

This article will tell you about the top 5 most horrific injuries ever happened to players in football history.

1. David Busst

In April 1996, David Busst suffered a career-threatening injury against Manchester United while playing for Coventry. Due to a collision with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin, he broke his tibia and fibula in his right knee..

2. Juan Arango

In March 2005, Venezuelan footballer Juan Arango had a collision against Seville player, Javi Bavaro. He became unconscious due to the incident and broke his cheekbone. Moreover, his tongue swallowed but fortunately he recovered and returned on field a month after his injury.

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3. Patrick Battiston

In the semifinal of 1982 World Cup, German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher hip hit French footballer Patrick Battison. In this incident, he broke his vertebra and teeth fell to the ground unconscious.

4. Petr Cech

In an horrible incident in October 2006, Petr Cech collided against Reading player, Stephen Huntis. From then onwards, he wore a mask which protects his head and face. Cech had a surgery for a depressed skull fracture, not to mention that the injury almost ended his career.

5. Luc Nilis Injury

In September 2000, Luc Nilis collided against Ipswich Town goalkeeper, Richard Wrightwas. The incident left him with two compound fractures in right chin. Rumors spread that his injury was infected and may have to be amputated but it didn’t happen.