Who is Xherdan Shaqiri’s girlfriend? See pictures

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Xherdan Shaqiri Girlfriend Dhurata Ahmetaj

In this article, we will learn about Xherdan Shaqiri’s relationship with his wife Dhurata Ahmetaj.

Xherdan Shaqiri’s wife, Dhurata Ahmetaj, is a public figure, performer, singer, and media personality. She has been traveling with the football player, who is well-known for his achievements throughout Europe.

She wasn’t even connected to her partner when she was already well-known in the music industry.

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Ahmetaj was born on November 16, 1992, in Albania. She is expected to hit 32 years in November 2024. Her early years and upbringing were spent outside of her country of birth, which is why she is frequently called Albanian or Kosovan.

Her early years were affected by important events that happened in Prizren, Kosovo, where she also learned a great deal.

Dhurata Ahmetaj had an easy upbringing because she was lucky enough to enjoy certain benefits from her parents. She is a remarkable person who, ever since she was a young child, has pushed herself over the boundaries of her parental support.

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Her parents choose to avoid celebrities, and although they go by Ahmetaj’s last name, they are currently unknown.

Dhurata Ahmetaj’s Education

Dhurata Ahmetaj has led a discreet existence, keeping information about her family hidden and out of the public eye. She received her education in Kosovo, where she was fortunate to have supportive parents and a loving atmosphere.

She completed her elementary education at Mati Logoreci, where she learned a great deal before continuing on. She enrolled in Gjon Buzuku for high school, where the support of her parents was crucial.

Her academic history has been limited to her high school education; no formal records have been kept after that point. Dhurata was a gifted student before deciding to pursue a career in music. After finishing school, she performed passably.

Shaqiri’s relationship with his girlfriend

There have been notable changes in the relationship between Xherdan Shaqiri and Dhurata Ahmetaj. Even though their link made headlines in 2020, a lot of followers are still curious about it.

They have not provided any official confirmation to establish their link, therefore their relationship status is still unclear.

xherdan shaqiri Girlfriend Dhurata Ahmetaj
xherdan shaqiri Girlfriend Dhurata Ahmetaj

On the other hand, rumours indicate that Dhurata makes frequent trips to assist Xherdan Shaqiri, particularly while he was a Liverpool player. They are still in the early phases and taking the time to evaluate their relationship before coming to any firm conclusions.

Dhurata and Xherdan Shaqiri have made an effort to maintain a low profile, yet they have been spotted together in public on several times.

Moreover, it is evident that they have not yet posted any shared photographs to any of their social media platforms. Despite recent statements to the contrary, some observers surmise that their relationship may lack substance.

Dhurata Ahmetaj’s Career

She is well-known as a music star who made waves with hit songs and singles that made waves throughout the world. Dhurata had to establish herself in Kosovo when her career first began, but she was able to handle it there.

As she continues to expand, she has maintained her relevance with many people who follow her on social media and don’t listen to her. She is still struggling to become more than just a local artist and become a global music icon.

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Although Dhurata Ahmetaj began gaining recognition in the music industry around 2010, her first major breakthrough did not occur until 2014.

She advanced in her career with the song “Shumë o ka ma don,” which contributed to the adoration she currently enjoys from a large number of fans.

Like many other non-American celebrities, she has thrived to ensure that she has iconic status.