Ronaldo’s homecoming? Juventus seek to make a swap deal

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo may comeback to Manchester United this summer

Juventus plans to make a swap deal to bring back Paul Pogba and send back Cristiano Ronaldo to his beloved Old Trafford.

Juve brought Ronaldo to win the UEFA Champions League title. But it seems Ronaldo isn’t getting much help from the mid field and is carrying half the team alone.

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The possibilities of a swap deal between Juve and Man Utd are high. Ronaldo has already became a Juve legend. He has scored 96 goals for the Old Lady since 2018.

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Ronaldo’s 100 goals for Juve are for sure. Although Andrea Pirlo said that Ronaldo will stay at Juve for this summer but fans want this deal to happen as soon as possible.

Edinson Cavani may head towards South America for rest of his career. Ronaldo would offer everything that Solskjaer would be looking for in a replacement for Cavani.

Man Utd is in need of a striker. Anthony Martial is not doing any good job for them. Marcus Rashford is the only forward left for them with having no help in attacking if Cavani chooses to pack his bags for SA.

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