Top 5 most valuable football clubs in 2020

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Here are the top 5 highest market market value football clubs in 2020

A club’s market value is decided by its players market value. All the players market value add up to decide the market value of the club.

2020 is coming to an end and because of the COVID-19, some matches were canceled. Although the matches were played in between the virus but no fans were allowed to enter the stadium. So here are the top 5 clubs with highest market values in 2020, according to transfermarkt:

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  1. Manchester City – English Premier League club, Man City’s market value is €1.08 billion which makes Man City the most valuable club in the world. Raheem Sterling is the most valuable player in Man City.
  2. Liverpool – Another EPL club, Liverpool’s market value is €1.08 billion. Just a bit fewer euros than Man City, Liverpool won their 5th UEFA Champions League title in 2019. Mohamed Salah is the most valuable player in Liverpool.
  3. Bayern Munich – The recent winners of the UCL Bayern Munich’s market value is €895.7 billion. The club has won a treble this year. Robert Lewandowski is the most valuable player in Bayern.
  4. Barcelona – Lionel Messi’s Barcelona’s market value is €888.0 billion. Messi is the most valuable player in Barca.
  5. Paris Saint Germain (PSG) – The 2019-20 UCL runners up PSG’s market value is €856.0 billion. Kylian Mbappe is the most vauable player in PSG.

The stats are confirmed through Transfermarkt’s Instagram.

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