UEFA Euro 2020/21 Quarter-finals schedule

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UEFA Euro 2020/21, schedule, fixtures, stats

Here is the information you need to know about UEFA Euro 2020-2021

UEFA Euro 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tournament will be held this year after a long time wait. The last time Euro held in 2016, Portugal lifted the title. The match gave us so many memories. Let us give you some goosebumps of the match if in case you had missed it.

Cristiano Ronaldo got a leg injury and was substituted in the final against France. He was there standing with the coach Fernando Santos, giving instructions to the teammates. Eder scored a stunning winning goal for Portugal in the injury time.

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So we hope gave you some visual imagination thriller. Now it’s time to inform you about the 2020 schedule. Here is what it looks like.

UEFA Euro 2020 Group

A Group (Rome/Baku): Turkey, Italy (hosts), Wales, Switzerland
B Group(Copenhagen/St Petersburg): Denmark (hosts), Finland, Belgium, Russia (hosts)
C Group (Amsterdam/Bucharest): Netherlands (hosts), Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia
D Group (London/Glasgow): England (hosts), Croatia, Scotland (hosts), Czech Republic
E Group (Bilbao/Dublin): Spain (hosts), Sweden, Poland, Slovakia
F Group (Munich/Budapest): Hungary (hosts), Portugal (holders), France, Germany (hosts)

UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule & fixtures

Friday 11 June

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Group A: Turkey vs Italy (21:00, Rome)

Saturday 12 June

A Group: Wales vs Switzerland (15:00, Baku)
B Group: Denmark vs Finland (18:00, Copenhagen)
B Group: Belgium vs Russia (21:00, St Petersburg)

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Sunday 13 June

D Group: England vs Croatia (15:00, London)
C Group: Austria vs North Macedonia (18:00, Bucharest)
C Group: Netherlands vs Ukraine (21:00, Amsterdam)

Monday 14 June
D Group: Scotland vs Czech Republic (15:00, Glasgow)
E Group: Poland vs Slovakia (18:00, Dublin)
E Group: Spain vs Sweden (21:00, Bilbao)

Tuesday 15 June

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (18:00, Budapest)
Group F: France vs Germany (21:00, Munich)

Wednesday 16 June

B Group: Finland vs Russia (15:00, St Petersburg)
A Group: Turkey vs Wales (18:00, Baku)
A Group: Italy vs Switzerland (21:00, Rome)

Thursday 17 June

C Group: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (15:00, Bucharest)
B Group: Denmark vs Belgium (18:00, Copenhagen)
C Group: Netherlands vs Austria (21:00, Amsterdam)

Friday 18 June

E Group: Sweden vs Slovakia (15:00, Dublin)
D Group: Croatia vs Czech Republic (18:00, Glasgow)
Group D: England vs Scotland (21:00, London)

Saturday 19 June
F Group: Hungary vs France (15:00, Budapest)
F Group: Portugal vs Germany (18:00, Munich)
E Group: Spain vs Poland (21:00, Bilbao)

Sunday 20 June

Group A: Italy vs Wales (18:00, Rome)
Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (18:00, Baku)

Monday 21 June

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (18:00, Amsterdam)
Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (18:00, Bucharest)
Group B: Russia vs Denmark (21:00, Copenhagen)
Group B: Finland vs Belgium (21:00, St Petersburg)

Tuesday 22 June

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (21:00, London)
Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (21:00, Glasgow)

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Wednesday 23 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (18:00, Bilbao)
Group E: Sweden vs Poland (18:00, Dublin)
Group F: Germany vs Hungary (21:00, Munich)
Group F: Portugal v France (21:00, Budapest)

The top two in each group plus four best third-placed teams go through.

Rest days on 24 and 25 June


Euro 2020 RO16 knockout stage fixtures

Saturday, June 26

Wales vs Denmark (5pm) – Amsterdam

Italy vs Austria (8pm) – Wembley

Sunday, June 27

Netherlands vs Czech Republic (5pm) – Budapest

Belgium vs Portugal (8pm) – Seville

Monday, June 28

Croatia vs Spain (5pm) – Copenhagen

France vs Switzerland (8pm) – Bucharest

Tuesday, June 29

England vs Germany (5pm) – Wembley

Sweden vs Ukraine (8pm) – Hampden Park


Friday, July 2

Switzerland vs Spain

Saturday, July 3

Italy vs Belgium

Czech Republic vs Denmark

Sunday, July 4

Ukraine vs England

Rest days on 4 and 5 July

Tuesday 6 July

SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (21:00, London)

Wednesday 7 July

SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (21:00, London)

Rest days on 8, 9, 10 July

Sunday 11 July